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Smarter Technologies, Healthier Bodies

Curing half of the world's cancers, granting movement to the paralyzed. Dr. Daniel Kraft believes all of this and more will happen - sooner than you think.

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"Innovation is doing better than productivity statistics would have you believe." Brad Neuman discusses how biases prevent us from recognizing rapid innovation.

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Mobile technologies have the ability to empower patients to deliver their own healthcare in ways like we’ve never imagined. A new world of digital health is set to dramatically disrupt age old traditions in the healthcare industry.

Dan Chung: Discussing Disruption

Dan Chung talks with Futurists Kenneth Cukier and Juan Enriquez about disruption’s positive impact on investing, internet security, healthcare, and more.

The Analyst Conversations

Alger Analysts Ankur Crawford and Ben Reynolds focus on current disruptive forces within technology, telecom, and industrials.

Smarter Technologies, Healthier Bodies

In our series’ first film, Dr. Daniel Kraft looks at critical developments in the future of medicine and their impact on our lives.