Presented by Alger
November 4, 2015
Posted by Jeff Shuey

The future can be both invigorating and paralyzing.

We have the realists. These are the people that are so heavily entrenched in their day to day efforts that they don’t take the time to think about what could be. Whether they don’t feel they have the luxury of time or spare cycles in their day is a question they also don’t seem to have time to answer. In the not too distant future we may have an answer for them and it will be bigger than they could have ever imagined […]

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Technology    September 30, 2015
Posted by Dana Blouin

The idea behind the Internet of Things is providing connectivity to everyday items. Many of these items are things that we interact with repeatedly throughout the day. While it’s becoming common to see new items come to market ready to be connected to the Internet, collect data and be controlled remotely we are still moving […]

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